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WITNESS/LICADHO Partnership: Forced Evictions in Cambodia

RUNNING TIME: WITNESS trained LICADHO to use video in their campaign to document forced evictions in Cambodia. LICADHO is capturing the abuses from the moment their homes are targeted for seizure through demolition and aftermath. With WITNESS support, they have trained dozens of community members and put over 50 cameras in the hands of activists in 18 provinces.

BOUND BY PROMISES: Contemporary Slavery in Rural Brazil

RUNNING TIME: Every year in Brazil, landowners enslave over 25,000 rural workers. Men in search of work are lured into debt bondage, forced to live in overcrowded shacks with no running water, toiling in the hope of buying back their freedom. In 1995, the Mobile Inspection Squad began investigating claims of runaway workers. Nearly 250 complaints are filed annually, involving almost 8,000 workers. Yet half of the claims remain uninvestigated. No landowner has ever been imprisoned for slave labor.

SYSTEM FAILURE: Abuse and Neglect in the Juvenile Justice System
WITNESS + Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, U.S.A.

RUNNING TIME: Juvenile justice systems across the U.S. are in a dangerous state of disarray. For almost 104,000 teens, violence within the system is rampant and abuse by staff is routine, yet only a quarter of the youth are committed for violent crimes. System Failure: Violence, Abuse and Neglect in the California Youth Authority exposes human rights violations at one of the largest youth correctional agencies in the country.

DUTY TO PROTECT: Justice for Child Soldiers
WITNESS + AJEDI-Ka/PES, Democratic Republic of Congo

RUNNING TIME: In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where civil war has taken more than five million lives, children as young as six are routinely recruited by militias and taught to kill. An estimated 60% of combatants in the region are children between 8 and 16 years old. A Duty to Protect tells the story of two girls recruited into the military at 13 and 10 years old, discussing the effects of the recruitment and use of child soldiers on their families and the broader community.

SHOOT ON SIGHT: Civilian Repression in Burma
WITNESS + Burma Issues, Burma

RUNNING TIME: Burma Issues uses video to document the systematic repression of civilians by Burma's military government and to educate and mobilize grassroots communities within Burma. Shoot on Sight draws on the voices of the internally displaced people themselves to make the case for international action by the UN Security Council, and a tougher stance on the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) regime by Burma's neighbors in Asia, particularly within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

MAKE NEVER AGAIN A REALITY: Empowering Civilians against Genocide

RUNNING TIME: STAND is the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network, empowering the international community to protect civilians from genocidal violence. WITNESS's partnership focused on creating advocacy videos to help support STAND's Pledge2Protect campaign. Culminating in November 2009 at STAND's National Conference and lobby day, 800 activists lobbied Congress to enact recommendations of the Genocide Prevention Task Force. It was the largest genocide prevention lobby day in history, with fifty Senators receiving personalized videos.

AN AGE FOR JUSTICE: Confronting Elder Abuse in America
WITNESS + National Council on Aging, U.S.A

RUNNING TIME: An Age for Justice takes you into the homes of courageous American elders who tell their poignant and real stories of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. This intimate story reveals a hidden crisis harming older Americans across the country. An Age for Justice brings the issue of elder abuse out of the shadows, and asks us to imagine what we would do if someone we knew was a victim of elder abuse and what would we do to stop it.

HEAR US: Women Affected by Political Violence in Zimbabwe Speak Out
WITNESS + Research and Advocacy Unit, Zimbabwe

RUNNING TIME: In 2008, political violence erupted as a result of contested national elections in Zimbabwe. Women of all ages were abducted, raped and beaten in secret torture centers due to their political affiliations. State-sanctioned groups raped an estimated 2,000 women and girls from May to July, 2008. Authorities have been unresponsive to end this violence. Hear Us features four women who struggle daily with the scars of abuse, demanding justice from the Zimbabwean government and the Southern African Development Community.